Display an image from stdout [ubuntu]

To send bitcoin from my mobile phone to a plaintext address on my laptop, I like to use QR codes. At first I used websites like qrstuff.com to generate the QR codes, but leaving the command line just to generate and display an image felt like too much of a hassle to me. Then I started using the feh and qrencode utilities in Ubuntu’s package repositories, but that involved creating an image file on my hard drive and then deleting it afterward, which felt messy. So I found a quick and easy way to generate and display a QR code from the command line without creating an intermediate file.

Getting the Compaq nx6125 Broadcom Wireless card to work in Ubuntu 11.10

I remember trying to get Ubuntu to work on my Compaq nx6125 my freshman year of college. The first and biggest hurdle was getting the wireless card to work. Recently, after a few OS changes, I decided to go back to Ubuntu for that machine. Imagine my dismay when I discovered the documentation on the process hadn’t changed much since my freshman year! Fortunately with a little digging I was able to find a much simpler process. If you’re trying to get your Broadcom card to work in Ubuntu 11.10 (and possibly earlier versions, for all I know), simply run: