A lot of the technology that empowers people does so while simultaneously creating a large power disparity between the user of the technology and the provider of the technology. In aggregate, this can result in an unhealthy power dynamic between the technology provider and society as a whole. is a news feed focusing on technology that empowers people while minimizing those sorts of power disparities.

Monetization v.s. Decentralization

Written in response to /u/robboywonder’s comment on /r/bitcoin expressing a wish for peer-to-peer social media. Reproduced here because it very nicely expresses my feelings on this subject at the moment. Please express your agreement or disagreement in the comments! I’d love to have a real debate over these notions bouncing around in my head.

There have been a lot of attempts at federated social media solutions. I think that approach is played out. As soon as I finish the paid work I’m currently doing, maybe even before then, I plan on beginning work on a true peer-to-peer social network. I’ve been reading and researching the subject for a few months now and feel I’ve just about got a good enough grip on things to take a decent swing at it.

The technology, as it turns out, isn’t all that complicated. Monetizing these endeavors is really the hard part.