Centralization is a power relation

A thread on r/ethereum has lead me to once again realize the disconnect between my perception of the Ethereum community and its reality. The first time this happened for me was in the wake of the “The DAO” debacle. I was unperturbed by the hack, having expected exactly that sort of thing to happen with regularity, and yet others seemed surprised and distressed. This was not a inevitability they were prepared for, it seemed.

The Nexus Docker Environment

I work as a developer for Nexus. One of the things I’ve done to make it easier for new developers to come on board and start contributing code was to create a Docker image that contains a pre-built development environment containing everything a new developer might need. It also helps with being able to reproduce each other’s bugs, as our environments are all very similar. I’ve been using it myself every day now for about a month, so I figured it’s time I write a post introducing it.