I am a moderately active public speaker, and am always interested in hearing about new speaking opportunities. If you want me to come speak at an event, please send me a tweet.

All slides presented here have been released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Some of them can also be forked on Github.


Maker – An explanation of the Maker DAO cryptocurrency leverage platform and Dai stablecoin.


AngularJS: HTML Reloaded – An introduction to AngularJS. Includes an overview of how modules, controllers, templates, and directives work. First given at the PDX Sass meetup of March 2014.

Meteor: Building Your First App – A short introduction to MeteorJS, which I used to preface a live coding session I led at the Meteor Portland meetup of February 2014.

Meteor and Bitcoin Lightning Talk – A short summary of my experience integrating Bitcoin with a Meteor app. First given at the San Francisco Meteor meetup in August 2013.

Self Improvement & Quantified Self

HabitRPG: Gamify Your Life – A summary of my experience with using HabitRPG as a motivational tool. First given at the Quantified Self Portland meetup of February 2014.

3 Ways to Focus on 1 Thing at a Time – Supporting slides for a talk on three general concepts I’ve found useful in improving my ability to focus. First given at my Toastmasters club in February 2014.