The Nexus Docker Environment

I work as a developer for Nexus. One of the things I’ve done to make it easier for new developers to come on board and start contributing code was to create a Docker image that contains a pre-built development environment containing everything a new developer might need. It also helps with being able to reproduce each other’s bugs, as our environments are all very similar. I’ve been using it myself every day now for about a month, so I figured it’s time I write a post introducing it.

Maker DAO

This blog post is based on a presentation I gave on January 4th, 2016 at the Ethereum meetup in Seattle. The slides are available, as is a video of the event.

I’ve been working with Nexus, an Ethereum-centric blockchain development shop, on a decentralized cryptocurrency leveraging and stablecoin platform called Maker. There’s a whitepaper available for it, but some of the concepts can be tricky, so I’m writing this explanation to provide another resource for anyone trying to figure it out.

To start with a summary: Maker is a stablecoin and decentralized cryptocurrency leveraging platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is composed of three primary pieces.