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Every post on this blog can now be torrented, thanks to the “BitTorrent My Blog” WordPress plugin by Maymay. (Maymay is perhaps better known for writing the Predator Alert Tool family of apps and plugins for use with social networks like Facebook and OkCupid.) If you’re using the Maelstrom browser, you will be torrenting and seeding this blog by default.

If you want to torrent any post on my blog, just add “/webseed” to the URL. For example, this post’s torrent can be found at

Watching Websites for Changes in Linux

(Some of this may also apply to OS X, since it’s Unix-like.)

Edit: The general idea does translate well to OS X, but there are a few key differences which Maymay has noted in the comments.

I was digging around in my home directory today and came across a script I’d written last May during one of Github’s outages to alert me when it came back up. Yesterday I turned out a one-liner to watch a website and alert me when it changed, so I was struck by how my problem-solving approach had changed in the intervening months as I continued to learn more about the utilities available on the Unix command line.