Things to come

I’m planning on overhauling this website and moving to a custom platform. Fortune.js would be perfect for the kind of minimalism I’m looking for at the moment, but we’ll see what I settle on. I find the Indie Web very intriguing at the moment.


  1. The Indie Web stuff looks great. I’m in. Where do we start?


    1. Oh man, I haven’t heard from you in a while! :-D

      I’m trying to figure that out at the moment, actually. I haven’t seen any sort of definitive platform emerge, so right now it looks like something devs kind of have to cobble together from whatever components they like. Personally, I’m looking at building something off Node.js and maybe MongoDB or Redis. In particular I want something that’ll make it easy to add new data sources and data points, while also automatically implementing JSON API.

      Also considering Jekyll for a new blogging engine. Lately I’ve really gained an appreciation for small, simple, command-line-friendly systems, and static pages. If it’s big and ugly, it’s going to be hard to maintain. And there’s nothing like working from the command line for maintaining focus.


      1. Sweet. I want to follow along; see updated now. It was time to jump to new hosting anyway so I’m good to start from scratch.

        I feel out-of-the-loop on tools, but I have an urge to just write something that’s built around doing POSSE right.

        I’m also about to reformat my desktop at home, and would love to find a way to utilize it.


        1. Oh man – I was just reading about Jekyll. I implemented such a thing years ago for an old version of my website – it was a static blog generated from files on my machine and uploaded wholesale, pretty feature-rich too. I should see if I can find it somewhere.


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