Getting the Compaq nx6125 Broadcom Wireless card to work in Ubuntu 11.10

I remember trying to get Ubuntu to work on my Compaq nx6125 my freshman year of college. The first and biggest hurdle was getting the wireless card to work. Recently, after a few OS changes, I decided to go back to Ubuntu for that machine. Imagine my dismay when I discovered the documentation on the process hadn’t changed much since my freshman year! Fortunately with a little digging I was able to find a much simpler process. If you’re trying to get your Broadcom card to work in Ubuntu 11.10 (and possibly earlier versions, for all I know), simply run:

Building Opa in 32-bit Ubuntu 11.10

Heard of Opa? It’s a full web app stack by MLstate. It focuses on allowing developers to create highly scalable, highly interactive, rich web applications as easily as possible.

Here’s “Hello World” in Opa:
server = Server.one_page_server("Hello", ( -> <>Hello web</>))

And here’s a chat room in 20 ELOC:
import stdlib.themes.bootstrap

type message = {author: string /**The name of the author (arbitrary string)*/
; text: string /**Content entered by the user*/}

@publish room ="room"):

user_update(x: message) =
line =
<div class="row line">
<div class="span2 columns user">{}:</div>
<div class="span13 columns message">{x.text}</div>
do Dom.transform([#conversation +Dom.scroll_to_bottom(#conversation)