Microsoft kills the Courier

Behold, Microsoft hath declared the Courier dead:

This means that part of my plan for lifestreaming is no more. Still, I’m pretty sure I can find a way to work around it…

More news to come… sometime.

Keeping PEAR HTTP_Client session data across pages

I just spent three hours banging my head against this problem, so I hope I can save you the trouble if you’re where I was.

I was trying to save an HTTP_Client object in a PHP session so that it would maintain its session data as it got moved from page to page. The idea was to log into a website with it and then go to another page where it would be used by various PHP scripts called by AJAX to perform tasks on the website I’d logged into. The only problem: I was getting logged out of the ‘site every time I left the script which logged me in. Somehow the HTTP_Client’s session data was being lost simply by my storing it in $_SESSION.