Life streaming and

I was reading a few tech articles today and watching some cool videos when I realized I consume way more tech knowledge than I disseminate. I started thinking about whether it would be possible to disseminate as I learn, whether I could expedite that process. This converged with what I’d been reading about (data rot and the loss of historical artifacts to neglectful storage techniques) and an idea that has been tugging at the corners of my mind since I was in grade school: personal historical documentation, the idea that my experiences and environment could be preserved indefinitely for the benefit of future historians. On top of all this I encountered an article last night about “life streaming.” It talked about Storytlr which, as far as I could tell from the brief glance I gave it last night, amounted more or less to a feed aggregator.

My long shift in the CS lab was today and I forgot to bring the charger for my laptop. I started playing on the whiteboard instead and this is what I came up with:

Life streaming

  • Phase 1 – the immediately achievable
    • Browser plugin for Chrome & Firefox (my browsers of choice) which tweets and social bookmarks pages I like at the press of a button. Option to comment as I share. Tweets should be tagged with “#visited” or something. (I have a feeling this functionality might already be out there, but I’ll have to check.)

      Also allow for the upload of the set (i.e, no duplicate URLs) of my browser’s history at the end of the day, minus all my visits to Gmail and Facebook.

    • Use Shazaam and my laptop’s microphone to automatically tweet what I’m listening to. (Tagged with “#listening_to”)
    • Publicly accessible SVN repository (or at least a public folder) for non-proprietary code I’m working on. Integration with Drupal (or Storytlr, if I make the switch), maybe with TRAC or SourceForge as a middleman for categorization and ease of use purposes.
    • SVN for written works, possibly with “time travel” slider in a Drupal/Storytlr module.
  • Phase 2 – the possible future:
    • Integration with the soon-to-be-released Courier to allow you to flip through anything I write in that particular notebook.
    • Armband/glasses cam and mic with “point of interest” button to mark video data for expediting/automating the creation and upload of video blogs.
  • Phase 3 – the future fantastic:
    • Shazaam integration with armband/glasses for real-time and portable “what I’m listening to” data.
    • Add GPS to armband/glasses to record location information. Could be used to automatically create 3D models of surroundings via PhotoCity-like software.
    • Book recognition via cover (front or back, image recognition or ISBN extraction) or example text extrapolated from image via OCR and identified via Google Books. Could allow automation/expediting of a “What I’m Reading” function.
    • Speech recognition in armband/glasses for on-the-fly (if possible) creation of todo lists and appointments.
    • Movie recognition for “What I’m Watching” feature.
  • Notes
    • Twitter to be used as an event alert service, using hash tags for categorization. (i.e, #read, #wrote, #coded, #updated, etc.)
    • Organizing all the data which will be produced may prove to be an enormous challenge, especially as life streaming gets smarter. A way to zoom in and out to various levels of detail may be useful, as would some kind of search engine capable of handling multimedia information.